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Enjoy peace and quiet

Excellent thermal insulation properties make SYNEGO windows also your long-term contribution to environmental protection. Mounted in your home or apartment achieve up to 45% more thermal insulation, compared to the old generation windows. This saves energy, provides cozy warmth, and also enhances the value of your property.

In the case of SYNEGO windows with a middle seal (MD), their suitability for a passive house, according to the ift guidelines, has also been confirmed.

The innovative SYNEGO technology made widows more stable and ensured many design possibilities. With SYNEGO windows, you can design individual shape of your window adjusted to tour expectations.

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Products in this system

System properties

thermal permeability of the window:
Uw 0,76 W/m2K
thermal permeability of the frame:
Uf 0,94 W/m2K
sound insulation:
47(-1;-4) dB
do RC3 (certyfikat)
resistance against wind load:
water tightness:
air permeability:
klasa 4
possible passive variant:
Parameters for reference tilt & turn window of 1230 x 1480 mm with glass with Ug=0.5 W/(m2*K). The presented parameters are the best possible parameters for the reference window of Fasada company, not all the best parameters can be obtained at the same time for a given product.