Top mounted shutters

New class of functionality

The top mounted shutters are installed during construction of the building or replacement of the existing woodwork. They can be mounted on PVC, aluminium or wooden windows. The system of top mounted shutters can be mounted with full covering, partial covering or without any covering. The roller shutters’ boxes are made of PVC elements. The interior insulation of the box increases the thermal protection, while a wide range of colours enables perfect match of the roller shutters to the building’s elevation. An additional thermal insulation allows to reduce the heating costs in winter and increase the thermal comfort in summer.

Top mounted shutters
– why is it worth trying?

  • access to the inspection cover from the interior of the room,
  • additional sound insulation ensuring calm,
  • effective anti-burglary barrier,
  • protection of window openings against influence of variable weather conditions,
  • possibility of use of integrated potato bug protection
  • wide range of control possibilities (manual systems automatic systems)