Modern construction
Passive house
It is a building standard characterised by perfect thermal permeability parameters. The building passively uses solar radiation energy, ruling out the necessity of additional installations and solutions.

Passive house in numbers

The best UW available at MB-104 Passive systeme
years of experience in passive systems
of Fasada systems meeting the passive requirements

Passive windows
– what does it mean?

Windows for this kind of building should be created in passive variant. This means that the heat transfer coefficient (Uw) for a window must be lower than 0.8 W/m2K. A window in passive variant should transfer as much solar energy as possible to the interior of the building.
In response to the needs of passive construction, our offer includes: wooden systems, wooden and aluminium systems IV 92 and IV 92 AL, as well as certified PVC and aluminium systems – GENEO PHZ and MB-104 Passive.

Passive House
Why is it worth trying?

Perfect insulation parameters of passive building have real influence on decrease of electric energy use, and, therefore, on reduction of energy bills. This may happen thanks to the use of such construction elements which have the highest insulation standards in their classes – i.e. windows, doors and gates. These elements are the most crucial points for the building insulation – we lose the highest amounts of heat through them.

Systems for passive house

Our offer comprises wide range of systems for passive house. They meet strict requirements of Passivehaus-Institut in Darmstadt and IFT Rosenheim, the organisations setting the standards of passive construction. Learn more.

Intelligent house
A building with a technologically advanced system of multi-purpose appliances. Intelligent house, equipped with sensors and detectors, reacts on changes inside and outside of the building, controlling among others the heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

Intelligent house in numbers

intelligent solutions in our offer
years of experience in automatics installation
mm width of the terrace doors with remote control produced by us

Modern concept for demanding customers

A series of innovative solutions assured by the intelligent house improves not only possibilities of the building, but also increases the comfort of its use. What is more, the intelligent house significantly contributes to optimisation of electric energy consumption. It is the fastest developing construction idea, right next to the passive house.

Modern definition of windows and doors

In response to the needs of the market, we continuously develop our offer of intelligent solutions. Our fingerprint readers, window open sensors (the AEROCONTROL system) efficiently protect the building. Illuminated door pulls, programmable timers, remotely controlled window or door tilt via smartphone are just some of many intelligent solutions that we offer.