The screen and shade are fully retained within the frame on all sides to allow total control of insects, sunlight and privacy. Operating with just a fingertip, Centor’s unique load balancing technology allows screens and shades to glide smoothly across the whole door opening to effortlessly stop at any desired position. When not in use, the screen or shade retracts discreetly into the frame removing visual distractions to the view outside whilst also protecting it from damage, dust or dirt. This is especially important for a seasonally used product.

Why is it worth trying?

  • Pair with new or existing doors or windows
  • Operates from any height with one hand so the youngest of family members can operate the screen
  • Luxury shade fabric is available in light-filtering and blackout with a choice of stylish patterns and a range of colours to suit every home
  • The durable aluminium frame can be painted in any colour for full personalisation
  • Can be mounted on the inside or outside – drainage holes are added to the sill for externally mounted systems
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty