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Functionality and modernity

An innovative system in which the aerogel was used for the first time in the world. The aerogel is a low-density material used, among others, in construction of spaceships. Thanks to its exceptional thermal insulation proprieties, the aerogel is also used as a thermal insulation layer in space suits. Very good parameters of the MB-86 system, i.e. a high durability of the profiles, anti-burglary constructions up to the RC3 class allow ensure it is able to face different expectations of our customers.

What else ensures the exceptional functionality of the system? These are, amongst others:

  • wide thermal inserts with a new shape allowing to use an additional partition within the profile insulation zone,
  • two-component central gasket which perfectly seals and insulates the space between the sash and the window frame,
  • wide range of profiles ensuring required aesthetics and durability of construction.
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Products on this system

System properties

thermal permeability of the window:
Uw 0,8 W/m2K
thermal permeability of the frame:
Uf 0,74 W/m2K
sound insulation::
Rw=47(-2; -6) dB
to RC3/RC3i (certificate)
resistance against wind load:
water tightness:
air permeability:
class 4
possible passive variant:
Parameters for reference tilt & turn window of 1230 x 1480 mm with glass with Ug=0.5 W/(m2*K). The presented parameters are the best possible parameters for the reference window of Fasada company, not all the best parameters can be obtained at the same time for a given product.


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High comfort of use is a standard

ALUPROF folding door is a perfect solution for those who appreciate an open space. It is a modern product designed to meet the high expectations of our customers – the users, architects and investors.

The door allows to entirely fold the glazed part and to open the room onto the garden or terrace. This solution will work out perfectly in a single-family house or in apartments with access to the terrace. Furthermore, the MB-86 FOLD LINE folding doors system is willingly used in cafés and restaurants which enlarge their space with seasonal café gardens.

Door construction for your comfort

Apart from the high functionality, an unquestionable advantage of the system is the construction of the door. It enables the inwards and outwards door opening as well as production of doors of very large dimensions. Each leaf of the door may be up to 2.7 m in height and 1.2 m in width. The possibility of combining few panels ensures that thanks to the MB-86 FOLD LINE system, we’re able to open the entire wall of the room, and the construction assures comfortable functioning of the leafs with maximal weight of 120 kg. Glazing range from 14 to 61.5 mm enables the use of both 1 chamber and 2 chambers packages. Thanks to that, it is possible to use special glass with higher sound insulation and anti-burglar glasses in folding doors.


MB-86 US

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Unlimited design possibilities

The MB-86US system enables many possibilities of construction of different types of: windows, balcony doors, vestibules, display windows and spatial structures with very good thermal and sound insulation, high water and air tightness.

A characteristic and distinctive feature of the construction is its appearance: the sash’s profile is concealed behind the window frame’s profile, while the surfaces of the glasses mounted in opened and fixed panes are situated on the same plane. This solution ensures that opened and fixed panes look identical from the outside.

Perfect parameters

The depth of the profiles is: 77 mm (window frame), 80.8 mm (sash). The glass thickness range is: in the window frame – from 7 to 52 mm, in the window leaf – from 15 to 60 mm. Such wide glazing range enables mounting of all 2-chamber, 3-chamber, soundproof and anti-burglary glass types available on the market. The width of window sashes from the outside seems small, that’s why the glazing surface and the amount of the light passing through is enlarged to a maximum, while the construction seems to be slim and light.

In terms of technical proprieties, the MB-86US system meets all requirements concerning energy saving and environmental protection. The construction, similarly to the MB-86 basic system, is available in three options depending on thermal insulation requirements: MB-86US ST, MB-86US SI and MB-86US AERO with the use of modern insulating insets made of aerogel. The system gives huge creation possibilities: the maximal sizes of window sashes exceed the values considered as standard for this type of frames. Hs max=2.5 m, Ls max=1.6 m. Maximal sash charge is 150 kg.