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Elegance and simplicity in one

Gealan Kubus is much more than an ordinary window system. It’s a combination of innovativeness, minimalism, functionality and many construction possibilities. Large glazings allow to efficiently and spectacularly enhance lighting within a room. From inside, the Gealan Kubus system forms a unique and coherent surface. Clear rebate contours visible from the outside give a modern twist to the system.

Thanks to delicate sash contours and lack of gaskets in the frame, we can say that everyday maintenance of windows with the Gealan Kubus system takes on a new dimension. Carefully designed set-off in the sash creates warm inner sealing ensuring very good insulating proprieties.

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Products in this system

System properties

thermal permeability of the window:
Uw 0,68 W/m2K
thermal permeability of the frame:
Uf 0,88 W/m2K
sound insulation:
42(-1;-4) dB
reinforced fittings and windows
resistance against wind load:
water tightness:
air permeability:
class 4
possible passive variant:
Parameters for reference tilt & turn window of 1230 x 1480 mm with glass with Ug=0.5 W/(m2*K). The presented parameters are the best possible parameters for the reference window of Fasada company, not all the best parameters can be obtained at the same time for a given product.